who we are

Echelon Group Chicago is a lifestyle event-planning boutique that specializes in the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. We have created a lot of memorable events within the Chicagoland area and beyond. 


Gafar Sanyaolu 

Co-founder/Chief Brand Director

Gafar is responsible for the overall strategy and planning of the company. He attended DePaul University and earned his diploma in Finance and Communications.


Sidney Osisoma 

Co-founder/Chief Creative Director

Sidney is responsible for designs and visual needs of the company. He earned his diploma in Biological Sciences at the University of Illinois in Chicago and his Masters in Food Safety at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 


Adé Ajayi 

Co-founder/Chief Managing Director

Adé is responsible for implementing & executing the company's vision. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where he earned his diploma in Biochemistry and is currently pursuing a career as a Medical Doctor.



Brand Activation

Your brand is your business. It is what you are, who you are and what your entire reputation depends upon. For a great brand to resonate, and remain in the hearts and minds of its intended audience, it needs to be constantly monitored, especially in a digital world. We do it all.

Mobile Marketing

This is another key component of digital marketing. Clients trust us to manage all aspects of their social media marketing. From managing their social advertising budgets to monitoring social media conversations, we do it all.


Event & Email Promotions

This is all about your customers and making sure you are sending each audience a message that resonates with them.We consider email marketing the glue that holds all digital touch points together.We are versed in delivering dynamic content and strategizing for marketing automation.